looking for recommendations in Kigali

Hallo, I frequently get questions on where I printed my pictures for the exhibition in Kigali. I just got this message:

“Hello. Hope you are doing good. I was inspired by your exhibition. I do journalism, photo and films. I am planning to do photo exhibition and would like to ask where you happened to print out your photos or recommendation of low prices. Let me know. Thanks, Regards”.

Here is my answer: Well, there are a lot of places to print in Kigali, but I printed my photographs at PHOTO LAB Kimihurura, captions at 2000 on left side as you are going to SULFO. (Sorry I forgot the name).

And for everyone, who wonders on where to print good pictures in Mainz, I can recommend Charly Engel Lab2.0.

But now, I also have one question: Does someone knows a place in Kigali where you can print analog photos (in dark room) from the film? I asked at KILINO, but they don’t do it. Thanks already.