Workshop at St Peter Ording – Germany


That awesome moment when it comes about sharing the most important thing in your life. It is photography: I enjoy so much giving photography workshop. I keep learning a lot when people are asking me a lot of questions about photography.
This Photography Workshop took place at St Peter Ording during START-SummerCampUs 2017.
What is photography? What kind of photographs are we taking and sharing to the world? This is what we discussed during the workshop „Photography, a World with Only one Language. From the workshop to the exhibition”.
And then we’ve seen different types of camera, camera settings for indoor- & outdoor photography, learnt about exposure, aperture, shutter speed and DoF and the attitude a photographer needs to get an interesting picture.

We had much fun and I will miss you guys!
Keep in touch and take great pictures

Photo credit: participants in workshop and Irene Links