Photography workshop in Karlsruhe – Germany

In November 2018, a workshop series around the topic of home started with a photography workshop entitled ‘YOUR PICS TALK’. It took place at COLA TAXI OKAY, a cultural space that encourages exchange and inclusion in Karlsruhe. During the workshop, we first learned the basics of photography, before we shared ideas on how to use photographs to tell stories. We also talked about the power of images and how to be more aware of stereotypical images. We used digital cameras and smartphones to capture moments from our individual perspectives and to explore the topic of home. In January 2019, the participants will exhibit at COLA TAXI OKAY. I would like to thank the group of students of the master’s program “Cultural Mediation” at the University of Education in Karlsruhe for organizing the project and inviting me to conduct this workshop.

I enjoyed a lot being with you and the participants. Keep taking photos and see you at the exhibition.

Photo Credit: Participants during the photography workshop “YOUR PICS TALK”.