About Shaban


Shaban Masengesho – „Photography is another World with only one language
He aims at capturing the moment. Each shoot is unique and a new chance for him to share his passion with some people in order to give them the possibility of getting new perspectives and to start reflecting on precast images.” By capturing different realities, his photos tell stories about the people portrayed, about different lifestyles, attitudes, and living environments. He is focusing on culture, infrastructure, lifestyle and meaningful event photography.


Shaban Masengesho is a Rwandan freelancer photographer and videographer. He started photographing in 2008 after finishing a photography training until then photography had only been a hobby. Shaban seriously started working as a freelance photographer in Kigali in 2014 after doing a volunteering service in Mainz (Germany) in 2013 to 2014 via Zugvoegel e.V. In 2016, he received his certificate in filming at Kwetu Film Institute in Rwanda.

His photographs have been shown in fourteen (14) exhibitions: in 2014 and 2015 in the Rwandan capital Kigali, 2015 in Heidelberg, Ulm, Karlsruhe and Friedrichshafen (all in Germany) on the topic “Sichtwechsel”/ Change of Perspective. In 2016 in Mainz (Germany), 2017 in Koblenz, Aachen, Hachenburg and Freiburg (Germany) and in Kigali (Rwanda), 2018 at University of Kaiserslautern ( Germany) on the topic “Rwanda through my Lens” and INTERview Rwanda-Germany – Six of the exhibitions being solo exhibitions.

He worked as a photographer consultant for different agencies, companies, NGOs and social media such as the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), GIZ, Qatar Airways Magazine, IRN, Journafrica, Igihe, Esperance and Kwetu Film Institute in Rwanda and for Kitchen on the Run, Start Stiftung, Reformationsjubiläum e.V., ASA program and Zugvögel e.v. in Germany.  Furthermore, he gives workshops as a photographer and as a trainer on topics focusing on globalization, culture and self-awareness using his pictures to discuss these topics. He hopes, you are enjoying his work! Any comments, suggestions, or ideas for working together are welcome!

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