Workshop at St Peter Ording – Germany


That awesome moment when it comes about sharing the most important thing in your life. It is photography: I enjoy so much giving photography workshop. I keep learning a lot when people are asking me a lot of questions about photography.
This Photography Workshop took place at St Peter Ording during START-SummerCampUs 2017.
What is photography? What kind of photographs are we taking and sharing to the world? This is what we discussed during the workshop „Photography, a World with Only one Language. From the workshop to the exhibition”.
And then we’ve seen different types of camera, camera settings for indoor- & outdoor photography, learnt about exposure, aperture, shutter speed and DoF and the attitude a photographer needs to get an interesting picture.

We had much fun and I will miss you guys!
Keep in touch and take great pictures

Photo credit: participants in workshop and Irene Links

Exhibition in Mainz – Germany

Exhibition in Mainz – Germany

Rwanda Through My Lens-opening of the exhibition at Peng in Mainz (Germany) in December 2016. Photo by Benjamin Dahlhoff


Lesen Sie eine Bericht über diese Ausstellung auf der Webseite von Engagement Global

Workshop in Kigali – Rwanda


Photography Workshop took a place at kwetu film institute in Rwanda for three days.

What is photography? what kind of photographs are we taking and sharing to the world ? .

and then we’ve seen Digital camera : SLR & DSLR

Camera settings: indoor & outdoor photography
Attitude of a photographer to get an interesting picture.





Photo credit : participants



Workshop in Kigali – Rwanda


Big holidays 2014, / Every where there is a picture, Every picture has a story to tell.

Photography workshop started on November,12,2014, after three weeks waiting for their friends to finish the national exams. Fifteen young boys were attending photography workshop at Kimisagara primary school which was organized by ESPERANCE ( NGO with focus on social work and conflict solving through Football in Rwanda) . We started by photography introduction and the attitude of a photographer to get an interesting picture. At the end of holidays, a big festival was planned by Esperance. Children who were  attending this workshop had a chance to expose their photographs and share their lessons with the audience at the event.

photo credit: participant in workshop